Our Services

Beeler Creative has assembled a team with complimentary strengths and skills to help define and take your message to the world.


Veteran photographer David Beeler brings not only a command of visual story-telling, but a love of and fascination for people.  This, coupled with his ease and sense of fun, makes for a great experience while getting impacting and effective pictures.

Identity & Branding

Brand is tricky, because it’s intangible. It’s like your reputation, but there’s more to it than that. It is the emotional impact that that your message has on your customers — how they feel about your product or company.   Without authentically and clearly aligning your brand with “who your company is,” you might be barking up the wrong tree — no matter how beautiful and groovy your marketing may be. Get it right, and you’ll add a multiplier to everything you do — esp. your bottom line.

Web Design

Our talented web designer can fuse your practical needs with elegant design to create an easy user experience.  From informational sites to e-commerce, we can help you display your wares to the world.

Video Production

As consumers and competitors grow more sophisticated, using media to get what you do across to your end-users becomes more and more critical–  from an “About us” video, to splash pages,  or entire product campaigns launched across media platforms, we can help elevate your message.

Logo Design

Logo Design is more than a cool image to put on your business card and letterhead.  It is the distillation of what your company is about — beyond what you do, your logo wants to evoke a feeling in your end user.  We take into consideration your branding message, corporate culture and target demographic, while adding a touch of magic as well.

Logo Animation

Your logo is your symbol, your brand condensed. By animating it, you will create a stronger and lasting impression. As customers become more and more accustomed to things that move and captivate, adding life to your identity is powerful.