Ui Letter And Ui Agreement Sent Child Support

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This would eliminate the potential problem of reluctance of people who are not IV-D cases. Where the deduction is initiated following the word of the applicant, Agency IV-D shall not exclude trying to increase the amount withheld or to follow other means of recovery of the aid due. UPDATE: Starting April 21, the Franchise Tax Board informed California Child Welfare Services that processing of state tax refunds for assistance to late children would begin. This is a reversal of the communication received on 27 March. Until further notice, state tax refunds are intercepted to pay unpaid assistance to children. A court decision on the maintenance of children continues until it is amended or terminated. This means that your family allowances are still due. (c) where the assisting parent`s agency is outside the State, SESA should send the intergovernmental approval notices of that agency to its own public agency IV-D. . . .

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