Vehicle Rental Agreement Uk

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The renter has had the opportunity to examine the rental vehicle before taking possession and, during such an inspection, he is not aware of the damage suffered by the vehicle, with the exception of those indicated in a separate document on existing damage. (f) to bear responsibility for any loss, damage or deterioration to the condition of the vehicle (appropriate use) which, according to our sole provision, can be determined by reference to the condition(s) of the vehicle(s) indicated at the beginning of the contract and its condition in case of return. 14.6 If you cannot prove by the balance that the damage, loss or theft occurred after the end of the rental agreement, in accordance with clause 6 above, or if you cannot prove that the damage was less than what we have said, we will ask you to pay for the damage or loss and rental costs, even if the vehicle is not found or repaired at the time of payment. 14.4 The vehicle comes with liability insurance (unless otherwise stated). This means that you are insured for damage to another person`s property (for example. B his vehicle and/or the injuries he has sustained, including the occupants of the vehicle). 9.5 We have the right to inspect the vehicle and request and validate miles of details at any time during the rental and ask you to return the vehicle at your own expense. Corporate Client: means a company, a company, a partnership, a limited liability company, an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company that has a business lease agreement with us. 7.3 In addition to your driver`s license, you must provide us with either a valid and current DVLA exam code or a printed copy of the DVLA confirmation documents for you and for any additional drivers printed in the last 24 hours. Each DVLA test code must be valid at the time of vehicle pickup.

You can request this code from GOV.UK ( 17.1 If you have chosen to take out your own insurance for the vehicle (where the rental agreement indicates the COI Customers Own Insurance), you must take out your own insurance for the duration of the rental. You must prove to us that the protection is valid and that the protection remains valid as long as the vehicle is not in our possession. You must provide us with the corresponding insurance certificate, insurance plan and letter of compensation. You are responsible for the cost of insurance. 8. You are responsible for keeping all key kits safe, lost or stolen keys may lead to the replacement of vehicle locks and all related costs are your responsibility. (a) use the vehicle and any optional extras provided by law or road regulations applicable to the area or zone in which you are driving: (b) use the vehicle and any optional extras in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions; 2.2 When you make your booking, we will do everything in our power to make available a vehicle from the selected vehicle group for the rental period.. . . .

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